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From the heart of a kitchen in Sea-Tac, Blue’s food is the widely known and popular Thai cuisine in Seattle today. Arising from the pandemic in 2020, Blue, (head chef), had a vision to share her cooking with her local community. As a mother of four, Blue profoundly understands the rising food costs in Seattle. She firmly believes that food should be enjoyable and most importantly, affordable.
Like the street food of Thailand, you will find that Bloom Thai Cuisine’s food is top-tier and has been featured in multiple pop-ups across the greater Seattle area with customers always lined up regardless of weather. Now with family at its core, Bloom Thai Cuisine is happy to announce its first-ever restaurant! With its expansion, Blue has created a unique menu with dishes built on traditional Thai recipes at a budget-friendly price. As you and your loved ones take a seat at our family ran and family-owned restaurant-Bloom Thai Cuisine, you are family, and Jay Blue (or Sister Blue) welcomes you to a place where you can feel at home.
At times when you are craving something savory and spicy or when you are just looking for an aesthetically pleasing restaurant, stop by our first ever brick-and-mortar in Lakewood, Washington, and enjoy a warm and traditional Thai meal!

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Bloom Thai Cuisine

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